Program Description

The Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) is one of the state’s most successful pre-collegiate student academic development programs. UCLA’s EAOP works with over 19,000 students in middle school and high school each year. This includes working with 39 high schools and partner with 8 middle schools in 6 school districts.  Since 1991, approximately 60% of our EAOP seniors meet UC Eligibility each year, 82% attend a postsecondary institution upon high school graduation and 62% attend a 4-year institution, with 25% attending a UC school. 

  • EAOP also provides students with ongoing academic advising to ensure that they successfully complete the required college preparatory courses (the “a–g” course pattern) and helps them prepare for all required UC entrance exams.
  • EAOP students and their families receive the necessary information and motivation to prepare for a UC education, including applying to the University and securing adequate financial aid.
  • Partnerships and collaborations are an important part of EAOP’s work to increase student achievement. EAOP eagerly seeks to work collaboratively with parents, teachers, counselors, principals, district administrators, community leaders, and social agencies to help cultivate and promote a college-going culture in the school and in the community.