The EAOP Parent Ambassador Program was launched in the summer of 2008 with grant funding from Fidelity Investments.  The mission of the EAOP Parent Ambassador Program is to train EAOP parents and other parents who reside in the communities of our EAOP schools to be pre-college academic advisers so they are able to help students prepare to be competitively eligible applicants for college admission, going beyond minimum eligibility.  By training Parent Ambassadors we build capacity to provide college outreach services to more students in underserved schools and communities. Trained parents assist EAOP staff in providing EAOP services in schools and in the community, working with students and parents to help increase their college knowledge so they can navigate the college process. 

Parents are trained during a weekend summer residential program on the UCLA campus. Upon completion of the summer training, parents must commit to conducting and/or participating in at least two college preparatory activities for the upcoming academic year with our EAOP staff, other outreach program staff, or with other parents they work with in their school or community.  EAOP Parent Ambassadors like the EAOP staff, will work collaboratively with families, educators, and schools in their community.  Special training workshops also occur throughout the academic year so that parents stay abreast of current information and obtain up to date college materials to share with students and parents.

Parent Ambassadors will:

  • Learn how to be an education advocate for children and their community.
  • Increase their knowledge about how to prepare for college and how to successfully complete the “a-g” UC/CSU college requirements.
  • Learn about college entrance exams, like the PSAT, SAT and ACT.
  • Learn how to pay for college & the financial resources available to all families regardless of income level
  • Learn to use the internet as an educational resource.
  • And many other helpful tools to help students be successful in school, college prepared and ready.

An EAOP Site Coordinator is assigned to each Parent Ambassador to serve as a resource and contact person when parents have questions or need assistance in arranging and setting up workshops with other parents in their communities or at non-EAOP schools. For more information you may contact the Parent Ambassador Coordinator: Maria Wilcox


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