I Am College Bound: Summer Workshop Series has concluded! Thank you for participating. Come back soon for future workshops. 

Here's some of your feedback!

"Joseph and Hugo really helped clear everything. It was really good information and I'll be attending other meetings." 

-- Student, Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet HS

"I have become more confident after each session in regards to applying for UCs." 

-- Student, James Monroe HS

"It was very informative and eye opening as to what I should do to better prepare for college." 

-- Student, Carson HS

"These workshops have been extremely helpful and this specific session has made me realize that the UC application is actually not as complicated. I got a better understanding of where I stand as a high school applicant." 

-- Student, Bell HS

"I am very thankful for Noe, Hugo, and Joseph's willingness to answer all my questions and concerns. They did a really effective job at guiding us through the UC app. I feel more confident in following their instructions and tips to be a successful college applicant! These workshops have been the highlight of my college preparation this summer. I couldn't be more thankful for the amazing staff at UCLA EAOP. They did a wonderful job guiding parents as well! THANK YOU!" 

-- Student, Orthopedic Hospital Medical Magnet HS