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The Early Academic Outreach Program was established in 1976 by the University of California to expand postsecondary education opportunities for California’s educationally disadvantaged students. Specifically, the goals of the UCLA EAOProgram are to increase the academic competitiveness of students so they are college ready and admissible. By successfully completing the UC A-G requirements, college entrance exams and participating in extracurricular activities, EAOP participants prepare to be admissible to the most selective colleges like UCLA upon high school graduation. EAOP works collaboratively with schools to provide students with challenging academic enrichment activities. In short, EAOP is an academic preparation program that prepares students for the opportunity to make college possible by working together with families, educators, schools and communities to promote and cultivate a college-going culture. The UCLA Early Academic Outreach Programs include:

Career Based Outreach Program (CBOP)*
UC Bound High School
UC Bound Middle School
UCLA-Antelope Valley Outreach Program
NCCEP/SBC “Access Granted” Project
UCLA Bruin Buddy Volunteer Program
High School Service Learning

Academic Preparation Activities and Opportunities for Students are offered in 4 categories – 1) Academic Enrichment Activities: Saturday academies emphasizing math, critical reading, writing and analytical skills, Summer Residential Academic Boot Camps and Summer/Intersession Institutes; 2) Academic Advising: IAP development, mentoring; tutorial assistance and or referral; 3) Test Prep: PSAT, ACT, SAT I/II Test Preparation Workshops; and 4) UC Education which includes parent/family and community workshops; college conferences, concurrent enrollment; campus visits; service learning projects*; and study skills/learning tools instruction.

UCLA EAOP is funded with funds from UCOP for Student Academic Preparation and Educational Partnerships.

*CBOP School (16). Activity limited to CBOP Scholars & Fellows. High school students selected for CBOP are known as Scholars, undergraduates are Fellows.
All other students identified to participate in EAOPrograms are known as “UC Bound” students.
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